rain trip Minneapolis to Waconia 5 Oct 2003 on a passenger train pulled by the 1944 Milwaukee 4-8-4 Engine 261.
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The first trip was in October 2003

a261at0730am b261theGoldplatedThrottle c261greasing d216atroadspeed e261greasing3
07:30am at the
MPLS junction
The Goldplated
Greasing At road speed   Greasing in
f261greasingagaininWinconia g261thevalvetrain h261underway4 i261outboundtoLacross j261arriving fromLacross
greasing again The valve train Just starting 261 outbound
 to Lacross
261 arriving
from Lacross

The second trip was in September 2008 (coming soon Feb 2009)


All about Engine 261 is here:  http://www.261.com