SHAW AFB 1964-65
Kirk Ransom
1/8/2004 (updated May 2013)

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01ShawAFB1965 02ShawAFB1965 03ShawAFB1965 04ShawAFB19654415RTRS 05ShawAFB19654415RTRS
Shaw AFB 1964 Shaw AFB 1964 Shaw AFB 1965 Shaw AFB 1965
4415th CCTS
Shaw AFB 1965
4415th CCTS
06ShawAFB1965_4415RTRS 07ShawAFB1965_16TRS 08Scan113 09Scan115 10Scan116
Shaw AFB 1965 
4415th CCTS
Shaw AFB 1965
16th TRS
RF-4C on
short final
Four RF-101s
for takeoff
B-66 landing, C-130
waiting to take off
11Scan119 12Scan120 13Scan122 14Scan143 15Scan144
RB-57 for takeoff F-101B landing T-38 first refueling first refueling