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1 March 1999


24 May 2010

I am Kirk Duncan Ransom.
My wife is Suzanne D'Auria Bodin

These are the lines of our families we are researching:
For my genealogy work I use
The Master Genealogist
by Wholly Genes

Grandparents Harrision and Lillian Ransom, 1899

My father's fathers line -     RANSOM, HEBBARD, ROWE, WIGHT, AUSTIN, POOL
My father's mothers line -    MILLER, DUNCAN, KIRK
My mother's mothers line -  PIERCE, GREENE, NASH
My mother's fathers line -    GRAVES, RIDGWAY
My wife's father's fathers line - BODIN

My wife's mothers mothers line -  D'AURIA, VANDERWERKEN
My wife's mothers fathers line - WINTER,
The Ransom and connected lines are from Massachusetts to Vermont (an adjoining states) to Indiana and Illinois.   NEW   DNA news on the Matthew Ransom <-> Robert Ransom link
              NEW   see the Ransom Family Cemetery of Ripley County Indiana

The Kirk and Duncan lines are from Virginia to Illinois

The Bodin line is Swedish to Minnesota, the Winter line is (presumed to be) English from Maine to Louisiana,

The D'Auria is Italian, and the Vanderwerken line is (presumed) to be New York Dutch.
The Winter, D'Auria, and Vanderwerken lines remain very elusive.



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